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LM 3915 Sound Level Meter Circuit

LM 3915 Sound Level Meter CircuitThis is a one chip sound level meter that can be use for displaying sound level of an amplifier or simply the sound level from a microphone.The heart of the circuit is IC LM 3915 Audio level IC.Even though it is a stand alone IC , a peak detector based on Transistor BC 558 and diode 1N4001 is also included for better performance.

Supply voltage can be from 3V to 20V.The input is set for audio line voltage (1V peak to peak) and has a max input voltage of 1.3V. To make the circuit use a moving dot display instead of bar graph display,Pin 9 can be should be disconnected from +V.

Part List

C1 2.2uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
C2, C3 0.1uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
R1, R3 1K 1/4W Resistor
R2 10K 1/4W Resistor
R4 100K 1/4W Resistor
R5 1M 1/4W Resistor
D1 1N4001 Silicon Diode
Q1 BC 558 PNP Transistor
LED1-LED10 Standard LED or LED Array
U1 LM3915 Audio Level IC
MISC Board, Wire, Socket For U1

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6Volt Doorbell Light Circuit

6Volt Doorbell Light CircuitThis 6V battery operated doorbell light circuit can be affiliated in alongside with any absolute AC230V doorbell. When anyone advance the doorbell switch, the alarm sounds as accepted and ac mains accumulation accessible beyond the doorbell is baffled to the ascribe of this ambit through an opto-coupler(IC1).

Conduction of IC1 triggers a monostable, active about the acceptable old 555 timer (IC2). As a aftereffect the high-bright white LED (D2) at the achievement of IC2 is switched on for a abbreviate time. This ambit is awful advantageous at night/midnight as it gives acceptable calm ablaze to advice you locate switches for allowance lamp/porch light, etc. On/Off continuance of the LED ablaze can be increased/decreased by increasing/decreasing the amount of C2.

The electronic doorbell circuit is absolutely safe because it is altogether abandoned from the baleful ac mains accumulation by IC1. However, accumulate to abstain adventitious contacts with the foreground end of the circuit, which is anon affiliated to the ac supply. Use of a acceptable and acceptable ABS asylum is recommended for this doorbell ablaze unit.

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Cable TV amplifier With 2 Transistors

Cable TV amplifier With 2 TransistorsThis is a actual simple cable TV amplifier application two transistors. This amplifier ambit is a lot of acceptable for cable TV systems application 75 Ohm coaxial cables and works accomplished up to 150MHz. Transistor T1 performs the job of amplification. Up to 20dB accretion can be accepted from the circuit.T2 is active as an emitter addict to access accepted gain.


  • The circuit can be assembled on a Vero board.
  • Use 12V DC for powering the circuit.
  • Type no of the transistors are not very critical.
  • Any medium power NPN RF transistors can be used in place of T1 and T2.
  • This is just an elementary circuit. Do not compare it with high quality Cable TV amplifiers available in the market.

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MSK5012 Adjustable Voltage Regulator 10A

MSK5012 is a awful reliable adjustable voltage regulator.Whose achievement can be programmed application two resistors. The regulator has a actual low dropout voltage(0.45v @10A )due to the acceptance of MOSFT with actual low Rds (ON) as the centralized alternation canyon element.The MS5012 has a top akin of accurateness and ripple bounce is about 45dB. It is accessible in a 5 pin Sip amalgamation that is electrically abandoned from the centralized circuitry. This accord us the abandon to fit the IC anon to the calefaction bore and this array of absolute heatsinking improves the thermal dissipation. 

The achievement voltage of this circuit is adjustable from 1.3v to 36v DC.Resistors R1 and R2 are acclimated for programming the achievement voltage. For all applications, amount of R2 is anchored to 10K. The accord amid R1,R2 and achievement voltage Vout is according to the blueprint R1=R2(Vout/1.235)-1. C1 is a clarify capacitor which is aswell a allotment of the aboideau drive circuit of the centralized alternation canyon MOSFET. About three times the ascribe voltage will arise beyond this capacitor and so the its voltage appraisement have to be called accordingly.C2 is the ascribe clarify capacitor while C3 is the achievement clarify capacitor.

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BA5406 Stereo Amplifier Circuit

BA5406 Stereo Amplifier Circuit

In the circuit diagram shown, BA5406 is configures to deliver 5×2 watts into 4 ohm loudspeakers at a supply offer voltage of 9 volts. Capacitor C3 is a power supply filter capacitor. C11 and C12 are input DC decoupling capacitors for the left and right channels. C3 and R2 forms a Zobel network for the left output whereas C6 & R3 forms identical for the correct channel.

Purpose of the Zobel network is to cut back oscillations and improve high frequency stability of the amplifier. Potentiometers R5 and R6 serves as the quantity control for the left and right channels. CapacitorsC4 and C8 couple the outputs of the amplifier to the speakers. C9 and C10 are noise filtering capacitors. C1 and C5 are bootstrap capacitors for the left and right channels.

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uA 741-Square Wave Generator

uA 741-Square Wave Generator

A square wave generator with IC UA741 range shown here.The circuit uses positive feedback to the Schmitt trigger action and negative feedback to measure the time of the waveform.

Let us assume that the output is high and the capacitor C1 is fully discharged.C1 now begins to charge through R2 and C1 R1.When tension rises above the junction of R3 and R4, the output changes rapidly totally negative voltage.C1 Now begins the unloading and reloading in the direction.Again contrast, when the negative voltage across C1 falls below that at pin 3, the circuit is returned quickly to totally positive repetitions value.The output endless cycle.

The square wave frequency can be varied by varying POT R1.The frequency range of the circuit depends on the value of R3, R4 and C1.

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9V Portable Headphone Amplifier

9V Portable Headphone Amplifier

After several requests of the correspondents, the decision to design a headphone amplifier 9V power was finally taken. The main requirement was to feed the circuit by a common, PP3 (transistor radio) alkaline batteries. Therefore, the circuit implementation of a low current draw was absolutely necessary, while retaining high quality.

The emergence of low-noise 5534 operational amplifier at a reasonable price was much appreciated by audio designers. Now it is difficult or impossible to design a specific phase that has the performance of 5534, without the complexity unacceptable. 5534 operational amplifiers are available from various sources, in a conventional 8-pin dil format. This version is internally compensated for gains of three or more, but requires a small external capacitor (5-15pF) for unity gain stability. The 5532 is a convenient pack of two 5534s in an 8-pin device with internal unity gain compensation, since there are no spare pins.

The 5534 / 2 is a low distortion and low noise device also has the ability of low-impedance load to full voltage swing, while maintaining low distortion. It is fully output short-circuit. Therefore, this circuit is carried out with a single 5532 chip forming a pair of stereo amplifiers, invest, have a current gain of about 3.5 alternating and capable of delivering up to 3.6 V peak to peak 32 Ohm load (corresponding to 50mW RMS) less than 0.025% total harmonic distortion (1 kHz and 10 kHz).

Considering that the average current drawing a power of 15 mW per channel is about 12-13mA (both channels driven), this headphone amplifier will become a "must" for many DIY enthusiasts who need a device High quality, high performance laptop.

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