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uA 741-Square Wave Generator

uA 741-Square Wave Generator

A square wave generator with IC UA741 range shown here.The circuit uses positive feedback to the Schmitt trigger action and negative feedback to measure the time of the waveform.

Let us assume that the output is high and the capacitor C1 is fully discharged.C1 now begins to charge through R2 and C1 R1.When tension rises above the junction of R3 and R4, the output changes rapidly totally negative voltage.C1 Now begins the unloading and reloading in the direction.Again contrast, when the negative voltage across C1 falls below that at pin 3, the circuit is returned quickly to totally positive repetitions value.The output endless cycle.

The square wave frequency can be varied by varying POT R1.The frequency range of the circuit depends on the value of R3, R4 and C1.