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Wireless headphones transmitter circuit

Wireless headphones transmitter circuitWireless headphones transmitter circuit

This wireless headphones transmitter assures a affection accession over 2 meters. The oscillator abundance is amid 1750KHz and 3500KHz and for antenna we use a ferrite bar. IC1 amplifies the audio arresting and TC1 is a buffer. D1 signals that the transmitter is on and is a voltage balance for the oscillator .

L1 is a toroidal amount T50-2 with 80 turns, 0.2mm Ø. L2 requires a 10-20cm ferrite bar, L2a has 3 turns, 0.6mm Ø coiled at arena end of L2b wich has 30 turns, 0.5mm Ø .

The accepted burning of the wireless transmitter is <= 150mA and is to be acclimated with this wireless headphones receiver.