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555 timer IC Based Simple Servo Controller

555 timer IC Based Simple Servo Controller555 timer IC Based Simple Servo Controller

Servos became valuable products for any variety of plans, like robotics, automation or only remotely controlling some thing, for example model vehicle steering. They're reasonably low-priced and also simple to have hold of, however controlling them can be a little challenging while they requrie specific moment to control the output to advance into a preferred position.

Almost all servos use a 50Hz refresh rate (20ms) for level a beat of among 1 and 2ms is required to control the output to advance among -45degrees and +45degrees.

THE 555 timer may be used to control the output using a simple circuit and modified employing a potentiometer.

The circuit is quite self instructive. We start using a 555 timer IC to build the pulse each 20ms which has a responsibility cycle of among 5 and 10% (1-2ms). All of the components employed are common components. You are able to drive several servos with the identical signal by using circuit to all or any have same output or create multiple driver circuits to control several servos to various outputs.

Servos run with a voltage among 5 and 6V, don't exceed this or you can injury them. Although the 555 timer could operate up to 15V.

Also be aware that servos require much current when commanding them also to maintain a location below load, this is around several amps! And so make notice of the while creating your electrical power supply.