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12 watt FM Transmitter circuit

12 watt FM Transmitter circuit12 watt FM Transmitter circuit

The advantages of FM modulation is free from the influence of the disturbance of air, bandwidth (broadband) is larger, and the high fidelitas. Compared to the AM system.

FM transmitter is a modification of the FM transmitter on the market (s Saturn type 038). several series of modifications and additions can produce energy Boster number to about 12 watts.

of the series after this work is quite good, the signal generated is stable and strong enough
time in no hurry to do it directly, but usually do each part in sequence so that the error may be earlier

the first part of the work is in the oscillator, after the raft can try to turn radio waves in free mode and set the radio volume so clearly audible hiss. turn the core Koker whistle on the radio is, if you get a signal in a robust and stable set of oscillator has been working with both.

the next section can start at the raft, after the end of the second set trimer (C8 and C11) in the buffer, in turn can feed even the largest steel cables and the older children. If the series works well, there are approximately 0.25 watts

for more resources that can be added over the wider range Boster 12 watts, so the distance will be increased to up to seven times.