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18 Watts Mosfet Audio Amplifier

18 Watts Mosfet Audio Amplifier18 Watts Mosfet Audio Amplifier

This circuit is an audio amplifier capable of delivering a decent output power with a minimum no: of the parties, with remarkable sound quality. The amplifier uses a single transistor and two MOSFETs and resistors and capacitors some feedback loop in a small scheme.This can bypass may offer a huge 18Watts into 8 ohm speaker or a speaker 30 W at 4 ohms.

For best performance and stability of some components, high-quality well-regulated DC power supply is needed. This is very essential to reduce noise and achieve a constant output power at different loads. A good voltage regulator capable of delivering CC over 2 Amps @ 40V can be used.You can expect a power supply design very soon here in the food section.