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200M FM Transmitter Simple Circuit

200M FM Transmitter Simple Circuit

FM transmitter circuit very stable and simple given here. With an adaptive antenna, the transmitter can reach a range of about 200 meters. Transmitter met this year and got a few good results. Let's see how the circuit.

A condenser microphone (K1) is used to collect the sound transmitted. The capacitor C1 is a DC decoupler and the audio signal is coupled to the base of Q1 which connects a preamplifier.R2 and R3 are the resistances of polarization of Q1. Amplified sound signal will be available at the collector of Q1 and, together with the emitter of transistor Q2 through capacitor C4 and inductor L1 1mH.

C4 capacitor decouples the DC component of the preamplifier output. Q2 does the work of the oscillator and modulator. Inductor L2 and capacitor C5 variable tank circuit is necessary to create oscillations. Capacitor C6 is the feedback capacitor. The FM modulated wave will be available at the collector of Q1 and is transmitted through the antenna A1.