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Integrated Transmit IC for Dual-Band Cellular Phones

Integrated Transmit IC Dual-Band Phones
The MAX2369 may be a dual-band, triple-mode complete transmitter for cellular phones. The device takes a differential I/Q baseband input and mixes it up to IF through a quadrature modulator and IF variable-gain amplifier (VGA). The signal is then routed to an external bandpass filter and upconverted to RF through an SSB mixer and RF VGA. The signal is additional amplified with an on-board PA driver.

The MAX2369 is meant for dual-band operation and supports TDMA for the PCS band additionally as TDMA and AMPS for the cellular band. the required mode of operation is chosen by loading knowledge on the SPI™/MICROWIRE™-compatible 3-wire serial bus. The MAX2369 then routes the signals to the acceptable ports looking on that band is chosen. The MAX2369 includes 2 RF LO input ports and 2 PA driver ports, eliminating the necessity for external switching circuitry.

The MAX2369 takes advantage of the serial bus to line modes like charge-pump current, high or low sideband injection, and IF/RF gain balancing. it's packaged in an exceedingly tiny (7mm x 7mm) 48-pin QFN package with exposed paddle.