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Portable Mixer Block Diagram

The image below shows a Block diagram of the entire mixer that includes four Input Amplifier Modules followed by four in-out switchable Tone management Modules, one stereo Line input, four mono Main Faders, one stereo dual-ganged Main Fader, four Pan-Pots, a stereo Main Mixer Amplifier Module and two additional Tone management Modules switchable in and out for every channel, inserted before the main Left and Right outputs.

Obviously this layout is rearranged at everyone want. An astonishing feature of this design lies within the fact that a whole stereo mixer as shown below within the Block diagram attracts but 6mA current!

Portable Mixer Block Diagram
The basic arrangement of this circuit comes from the recent Quad magnetic pick-up cartridge module. The circuit was rearranged to address microphone input and a single-rail low voltage provide.

This low-noise, absolutely symmetrical, two-transistor head amplifier layout, allows the utilization of a traditional FET input Op-Amp as the second gain stage, even for terribly sensitive microphone inputs.

The voltage-gain of this amplifier is varied by suggests that of R9 from 10 to one hundred, i.e. 20 to 40dB.