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LM3900 Audio Mixer Circuit

 LM3900 Audio Mixer Circuit LM3900 Audio Mixer Circuit

Audio mixer circuit consists of 4 four-channel amplifier (LM3900) two microphone inputs and two audio inputs are available directly online at this circuit. By adding the parallel with this circuit, you can increase the number of entries according to applications. Each input is connected to the inverting terminal of the LM3900.

The amplifier built in each section amplifies each audio input separately and fed to the output terminals. The output terminal of each channel is connected to a single output line with a resistance no greater than 680 and produces a mixture of audio output with low noise. This audio mixer circuit does not use a low impedance input sources to the mix of ideals. Capacitors C1 to C4 are decoupling capacitors corresponding channels. C5 is the decoupling capacitor production.